Cities of Poland

Krakow – Read the full story…

Wroclaw – Read the full story…

Warsaw Old Town and Royal castle

Warsaw – Read the full story…

Warsaw was good but it doesn’t have the historical swagger or confidence of Krakow or the quirky charm of the more manageable Wroclaw because Warsaw is a modern European capital with the raw edge and the buzz of a major city.

Whilst I might consider returning to Krakow and Wroclaw, once in Warsaw I think is probably enough.

13 responses to “Cities of Poland

  1. I haven’t visited Warsaw yet, except the airport, but both Wroclaw and Krakow were great…for night time, I prefer the beautiful lights and ambiance of Krakow.


  2. Since. I have not been to Poland I have enjoyed all the exposure through your eyes Andrew.


  3. Maybe I’ll visit Poland someday since it is part of my heritage. The cities DO sound interesting. Thank you, Andrew.


  4. Someday, I’ll get to Poland (it is part of a long list of places I want to visit).

    Unrelated, I see you are reading One Summer – how are you enjoying it? I downloaded it to read over vacation, but never got to it. Bill Bryson has become rather hit or miss for me on his last few books, which is probably why I read other books first.


    • It is an obvious thing to say I suppose but it is pitched more towards an american readership. I don’t understand anything about baseball. It is taking me some time to finish it! I liked his book about the house and he did a brilliant little biography of Shakespeare.

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      • At Home was one of my faves of his – but my favorite is definitely A Walk in the Woods. I think I read the Shakespeare one, but I’ll have to double check.

        I am guessing that as an American and a baseball fan at that, I will like One Summer. And now that I realize baseball features prominently, I may have to start it (the season starts in a few days).


      • There is a lot about Babe Ruth. My favourite is ‘Here, There and Everywhere’ about travels in Europe. I met him once at a environmental conference – a really nice man!

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      • I am glad to hear he is a nice guy – he seems like it from his books!

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  5. Thanks for the tip! Keep them coming 🙂

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