Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh Laundry

Washing Line

Early morning was a good time to be visiting Bari Vecchia where the residents of the crooked streets were preparing for the day ahead.  Washing lines were being loaded and cranked into position high up across the alleys and lanes and strung outside windows like bunting as though in anticipation of a parade or a carnival, stretching across the streets, smelling sweetly of soap powder, dripping indiscriminately and swaying gently backwards and forwards above the secret doorways and back alleys.

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22 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh Laundry

  1. Heh! Good challenge!

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  2. Yep! That’s the shot 🙂 Redolent of Italy and the Med.


  3. As I think you know Andrew I love taking laundry photos when traveling. This one is excellent.


  4. I love the scent of laundry from outdoors. We’re not allowed to have clothes lines anymore. Can you imagine?


  5. Rosa Ave Fénix

    I like smelling clothing when still they are wet!


  6. Rosa Ave Fénix

    Ha! Tessa and me think the same!


  7. Laundry photos are among my favorite. I have lots.


  8. Funny. I was in the process of posting about the unexpected challenges of laundry since moving to Spain from the US. Also, as I have previously mentioned to you, I enjoy the old doors you have posted, and to that end I have posted some from my picturesque village of Altea Spain, which I think you will enjoy.

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