Cities of Eastern Europe – Prague

Prague Czech Republic

The streets were busy and we walked until reaching the old town, which opened up into a spacious and welcoming central square and it was free of traffic so we were able to wander aimlessly around looking ever upwards and admiring the buildings that surrounded it.

In the centre is the Jan Hus monument, a religious reformer who was burnt at the stake for his beliefs.  I was beginning to detect a gruesome pattern here.  In the Middle Ages there always came a time where persisting with a point of view became dangerous to life and limb and poor old Jan obviously did not get his timing right, a bit like Thomas More and his out of touch views on King Henry’s wedding plans.

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10 responses to “Cities of Eastern Europe – Prague

  1. i took so many phtos of this wonderful clock in the beautiful city~

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  2. Love that clock, in spite of the neck pain 😉


  3. Love the square and of course, the clock.


  4. I do admire the clock that heads up the post.

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  5. I love this photo! Prague was great, and so much cheaper than other major cities in Europe. Of course, the prices are still inflated in comparison to the rest of the country,


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