Cities of Eastern Europe – Tallinn

Tallinn Estonia Old Town

Back at street level we wandered down the delightful St Catherine’s Passage in between fifteenth, sixteenth and seventeenth century buildings where artisans and craftsmen and women were preserving medieval crafts such as glass blowing, intricate iron work, jewellery and leather work.

At  the end of the passage was a basement restaurant where we stopped for a bowl of soup and a glass of beer and we successfully negotiated the potential crisis moment when Sue and Christine both found something on the menu that they could order with confidence and enjoy.

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5 responses to “Cities of Eastern Europe – Tallinn

  1. What’s not to like about the food? The offer European food, somewhat heavy, especially at mid-day but not strange like in China (except not on my nickel – whew!) 😛


  2. such an advanced city, one of the top ten digital cities of the world, and yet so beautifully old~


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