Weekly Photo Challenge: Ephemeral – Lost Luggage

Reykjavik Iceland Lost Luggage

This was a British Airways flight so there was a level of sophistication to which we have become unaccustomed in our travels with the budget airlines and here are just a few things that British Airways do better than Ryanair; on this flight there were comfortable leather seats, flight attendants in smart uniforms, ample legroom for stretching out, a bag of breakfast and complimentary drinks.

Things changed however when we arrived in Reykjavik and here is something that Ryanair do better than British Airways; they remember to put your luggage on board the same aircraft as you and deliver it to the same airport at the same time.

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9 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Ephemeral – Lost Luggage

  1. That doesn’t seem like you’d be asking so much!

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  2. What a novel idea! 😀 😀 Same plane. Same passengers. Luggage on same plane. Hmm. 😀

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  3. Glad to hear they do somethings better. I’m off to Crete with them in June.
    Meantime, I flew Norwegian Air (budget airline but wonderful value for money) to Gothenburg last week and found it to be a terrific airline. I even lost my Boarding Pass at Gatwick but the check-in employee was the most helpful I’ve ever met and all was well. I’d recently read that the loss of a BP meant that they could charge you for another ticket. Nothing like that, she manually wrote me out a ticket and sent me on my way. Top marks to Norwegian Airways.


  4. And this is why we do carry on only. 🙂


    • So do we now! Unfortunately UK airlines are now increasingly restricting hold luggage because there is so much of it and when they estimate the overhead lockers will be full then even carry on has to go into the hold! This means that when the departure gate is called you have to sprint to as close to the front of the queue as possible to be certain of not being separated from your luggage and you have to be tough, completely focussed and be prepared if necessary to push old people and children out of the way!

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  5. Remember the days long ago when things were so different? Mind you, it did cost a lot more!

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  6. LOL Perfectly creative for ephemeral!

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