Weekly Photo Challenge: Blur

Tallinn Christmas Market

Here, in the middle of the town we had reached our objective because since 2001, from December through to the end of the first week in January, Tallinn hosts a traditional Christmas market.

This is appropriate because (although this is disputed, especially in Northern Germany) the picturesque Town Hall Square is claimed to be the site of the world’s first Christmas tree, which formed part of a ritual begun in 1441, when unmarried merchants sang and danced with the town’s girls around a tree, which, when they had had enough fun and drink they then burned down.  This would be a bit like any town in England on New Year’s Eve if the tree wasn’t taken down in advance during the afternoon as a sensible anti-vandalism precaution.

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13 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Blur

  1. Andrew I am currently traveling and for some reason your photo is not downloading on my phone. Blast this technology! 🙂 I did not know how the tradition of the Christmas tree began. You do have such a vast amount of information in your blog my friend.


  2. Interesting story, Andrew. 🙂
    I have a friend in Tallin and immediately had to send her an e-mail to say hello after reading your post.


  3. melissajane14

    Hello Andrew, this story is from your earlier series…is it just my imagination, or did you do more group tours back then? If you do less group tours now, is there a reason why you’ve navigated away from them?


    • I suppose you might call it group travel but this was with a bunch of friends and I was doing the organising! We still do it but the number of people taking part seems to be going down. Maybe I’m not such a great organiser!

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