Weekly Photo Challenge: Blur, Marrakech and Djemma el Fna

Sometime between the end of the afternoon and the early evening the square had been transformed from a market place to an open air theatre with swarms of people and this is something that occurs every single day of the year.

The snake charmers and the monkey men had packed up and gone home and had been replaced by a carnival of musicians, storytellers, transvestite dancers and other entertainers.  There were fairground stalls and all sorts of opportunists trying to sell things not just to tourists but to each other as well.  There was a crackle of excitement around the square that was fuelled by the energy of all the players and it was impossible not to be caught up in the excitement of it all.

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6 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Blur, Marrakech and Djemma el Fna

  1. What a great image!


  2. Looks like the crowd is on fire. A fabulous shot! 😉

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  3. Blur is right! When I first saw that photo, it made me think of a chariot race in a Roman coliseum and a bonfire with people burning up in the background. It’s a heckuva way to start my Saturday morning. The henna tattoo artist was a crafty one wasn’t she? I learn really early in Asia not to accept “free gifts” in the market 🙂


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