Entrance Tickets – Torre Dos Clérigios, Porto

Torre Dos Clérigios, Porto

After lunch we walked along the quayside and wondered what was going on over the river on the other side where there appeared to be some sort of noisy festival and then we walked back into the city through shaded streets and made for the Torre Dos Clérigios, which is a church with the highest tower in Portugal at seventy-six metres high and two hundred and twenty-five steps.

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9 responses to “Entrance Tickets – Torre Dos Clérigios, Porto

  1. I would put this tower in my top three for views along with UFO in Bratislava and the church in Reykjavik.


  2. Wow. I would like to see the view from the top. That’s a lot of steps to climb. Gorgeous church.


  3. I loved this tower, Andrew! Bound for the Algarve in less than 30 mins so will catch up when I’m back 🙂

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