Cities of Eastern Europe – Moscow

St Basils Cathedral Red Square Moscow

Etched in my mind are grainy images from the 1960s of Russia’s annual May Day Parade when a cheerless looking Politburo would sit close to Lenin’s tomb and watch an endless procession of goose stepping troops and weapons of mass destruction that were going to wipe us off the face of the earth troop by in what seemed to be a provocative display deliberately choreographed to create paranoia and fear in the west.

The pictures were always dull, grainy and grey and my image of Moscow was always that it was a lacklustre, soulless and dreary place so what a surprise it was now to find a vibrant and colourful scene, a square brimming with activity and effervescent energy, a vibrant place with happy smiling people, exciting and lively and crowned by the iconic brightly painted onion domes of St. Basil’s Cathedral at the opposite end.

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8 responses to “Cities of Eastern Europe – Moscow

  1. Although I have seen this post before those domes intrigue me immensely. Yes must get to Moscow one day.


  2. Love the domes. They put me in mind of cakes and a party.
    I hosted a 38-y-o businessman (ESL) some years ago. He visited the churches here because religion was once again open for practice. Most of his life church-going had been forbidden and had been acceptable only recently at that time.


  3. I’ve heard some grisly stories about St Basils cathedral and Ivan the Terrible. Is it all just hype? Did your tourguide tell you anything?


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