Age of Innocence – 1963, US ZIP Codes and X-RAY Specs

As a teenager I used to read American superhero comics like DC and Marvel and I was always tempted to respond to the full page advertisements for such things as a complete two hundred piece civil war army for $1.49, a miniature secret camera for only $1.00 or a free Charles Atlas body building course.

What prevented me filling in the order form and sending off the cash was not the rather critical fact that I had no idea how to exchange my paper round money into dollars but rather the fact that I didn’t know what a ZIP code was.

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5 responses to “Age of Innocence – 1963, US ZIP Codes and X-RAY Specs

  1. I remember reading those adds too. Same issues with the money exchange business. At the time the USA seemed so very far away.


  2. I never knew what the “zip” in zip code stood for! And now someone from the UK is telling me about US zip codes – weird! Tomorrow someone in Peru will tell me who really assassinated JFK.


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