Malta, Fishing Boats

Malta Boats Luzzu

In the port of Mgarr on Gozo  in the shelter of the harbour walls the iconic multi-coloured fishing boats of Malta, called Luzzu were swaying idly in the limpid water of the harbour.


Bristow Ceramics Malta BoatLuzzu Boat Malta


20 responses to “Malta, Fishing Boats

  1. Andrew if I found myself near these boats I should need to be dragged away by my camera strap. Love these colorful images!


  2. speakacrossborders

    I’m headed to Gozo for three weeks in August and your pictures are making me so excited!


  3. Aah, the Luzzu! I remember those…


  4. Very colourful 🙂

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  5. Those bright colors must take a beating in the sun and I imagine are sanded and painted every season / year (?) So pleasant on the eyes. 🙂


  6. I simply love that first shot! With the blue above and below, I can almost trick my eyes to think the boats are floating.


  7. I wonder how often they have to repaint the boats.


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