Weekly Photo Challenge: Force of Nature

Gullfoss Falls Iceland

The river was wild and untamed this afternoon dashing madly over rocks and advancing like a cavalry charge racing to the precipice and the final crevice which is about twenty metres wide, and is at right angles to the flow of the river which results in a dramatic water plunge and an atmosphere full of hanging mist and as we watched we were left in no doubt about the wonderful power of nature.

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10 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Force of Nature

  1. Sumedha Samaga

    Amazing photos ! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Seen the post before of course, but great image for the challenge!


  3. Terrific photo for the challenge. ❤


  4. melissajane14

    That´s an amazing photo with the rainbow over the falls. Water has to be the ultimate force of nature, especially if you think about places like the Grand Canyon (which is actually a gorge, but doesn´t have the same ring to it)


  5. Oh yes! That’s a beauty 🙂


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