Malta, Quick Quiz

Valletta Malta

Spotted in Valletta.  What do you think this woman is doing?

Fishing Game

Who Remembers this – nothing to do with the quiz by the way – just a red herring!

Whatever it is, she is a great deal friendlier than this old woman in Porto in Portugal who didn’t seem especially pleased to see us…


18 responses to “Malta, Quick Quiz

  1. Well….I”m thinking she is lowering her bucket and someone is going to put some sort of groceries in for her to haul up. Am I close?


    • Absolutely correct. We arrived at this street at the same time as the bakery delivery van. He blew his horn and immediately balcony shutters opened and people inside started lowering baskets. There was money inside so they kept them above head height until the baker arrived below, They then lowered the basket, the baker took the cash and put the loaf in and the basket was then pulled back inside.
      Mindful of the grumpy lady in Porto I asked permission to take the picture.

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      • Is there a prize? Like a loaf of bread or something? 🙂
        I love this photo and the charm of such age old traditions. Good idea on the permission thing. A standard in my photography. Basically I’m scared of someone screeching at me or worse.


      • You should try Morocco, they don’t like their photo being taken there – unless you pay them!
        I always remember that scene from the film Crocodile Dundee. The girl lifts her camera to take a picture of an aborigine. He tells her to stop. She asks if he is afraid that a photo will steal his soul. He says no of course not – “You’ve still got the lens cap on”

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  2. Ha ha ha. I saw that in a movie once–can’t remember which one. Saves running up and down stairs.
    The second woman… Well! 😀 😀


  3. I remember that game, Andrew, as well as “Hungry Hippos”. Oh the days of Board Games – please bring them back.


  4. melissajane14

    I think she purchased something from a street vendor and is using the basket to haul it up to her place.


  5. …Taking a delivery of bread… or was she stealing the second woman’s ‘Let’s Go Fishin” game?


  6. Reminds me of those hooks you see on the gabled houses in Amsterdam.

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  7. NotAPunkRocker

    Red herring….cute 😀

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  8. Both photos are wonderful! My mother used to say how she couldn’t wait to get old so she could behave exactly how she wished. The second woman in your post must have reached that magic age.


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