Malta, Balconies

Valletta Malta Balconies 1Valletta Balconies

I was going to write something about these wonderful wooden box balconies but then I came across this blog post and I was convinced that I could do no better than direct you here…

Maltese Balconies

Mellieha Malta Balcony


24 responses to “Malta, Balconies

  1. Andrew I find it hard that someone could out write you in the history and architecture of anything. I love balconies and have been enjoying them in yoru posts. Like a photographers dream only to be outdone by the boats of Malta. 🙂


  2. I enjoyed reading about the balconies on Malta, Andrew. Most interesting and I walk away with a feeling: life wouldn’t be life without balconies 🙂


  3. Wonderful collection


  4. Wow, they look really cool. I love how they have colourful balconies. It brightens up everything!

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  5. Really enjoying your posts on Malta – never been but it looks beautiful and definitely somewhere I’d love to visit.


  6. I went and looked. It is really quite fascinating. Thank you Andrew.

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  7. These colorful balconies add so much character to the face of the buildings. I bet kids love the small spaces inside to play in. A lovely place to set a small table and a couple of chairs to have tea and enjoy the sun / natural light. 🙂


  8. Great link! I just assumed it was to one of your previous posts. Another reason to visit 🙂


  9. Girl Gone Expat

    What cute balconies! Great colours and details:)


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