Malta, Cathedrals and Churches

Xewkija Gozo Parish Church

Every village in Malta and Gozo has a church the size of a cathedral and all have a story of how it was paid for and built by the residents of the village.  These are always grand structures standing in the most prominent place in the village with glorious views in all directions.

Victoria Gozo MaltaMosta Malta

According to tradition a church in Malta always has two clock faces and these are set to different times.  Legend says that this is to confuse the Devil about service times!


8 responses to “Malta, Cathedrals and Churches

  1. How do they do it?


  2. Mind-bending, isn’t it? Such gorgeous structures without our current machinery. That’s a lot of manpower and a lot of years. Still I am bowed by the results.


  3. Very impressive for small villages. I love the colour of the stone it’s very attractive – must also have been very heavy to put in place!


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