Malta, Street Images

Street Art Mellieha MaltaRestaurant street Art Mellieha MaltaMalta Mellieha StatueMellieha Door 01

20 responses to “Malta, Street Images

  1. Sumedha Samaga

    You are seriously an amazing photographer ! 😀

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  2. The first one looks a little flat.


  3. Andrew these are beautiful. the fish one s incredible. How big was the painting?


  4. The first one covered an entire wall, I especially liked the cat painted over 4 steps. The fish picture was a large tiled display outside a restaurant.


  5. What beautiful street art Andrew. Thanks for sharing it with us. I love them all but the first one just looks so real. It almost has a 3D image to it.


  6. Stunning street art. Fantastic. I marvel at anyone who does a painting the size of a wall. 😮


  7. The first one with the cat is terribly clever! What a good idea. I hope to see steps used for wall art again sometime because I am completely delighted. Now you have inspired me and I’m going to go off and do a post on wall art.


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  9. Lovely images, as usual.. And the text ain’t bad either!


  10. speakacrossborders

    Love these


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