Car Hire Misadventures – Gran Canaria, 1986

Car Hire Gran Canaria 1986

Mid way through the holiday we did hire a car, a little blue Seat with an open top and on the first day set off into the mountains in the interior.

This turned out to be rather hard work as the road swept in extravagant loops around deep valleys and gorges and followed a precarious route to the top.  Actually, we didn’t get to the top because after an hour or so we got a puncture and I had to change the wheel at the roadside.  We were high up and close to the edge and part way through the process the car started to slide off the jack and I wondered how I was going to explain to the hire company just how the car had fallen off the road and disappeared into a ravine.

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5 responses to “Car Hire Misadventures – Gran Canaria, 1986

  1. Another one of my faves Andrew. Tell me you are compiling a book of these car rental adventures.


  2. All these misadventures would make an interesting book, Andrew. I agree with Sue. 😛 😛 😛


  3. melissajane14

    You were lucky they didn’t notice that punctured tire in the boot. Car rental agencies, in my experience, like to make mountains out of molehills and tack on extra charges…. But it makes for a great story!

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