Weekly Photo Challenge: On The Way…

Yalikavak Bodrum Turkey Lovers

On The Way to a New Life…

After a day spent in the streets of Bodrum we decided today to see some more of Turkey and take a bus to the town of Yalikavak on the northern coast of the Bodrum Peninsular where we came across this statue.

I am not entirely certain that the translation board explaining what it is about has quite managed to capture the spirit of the story…

 “Leaving Çökertme I felt safe and sound, oh my Halil,                                                But before reaching the Bitez shore all hell broke loose at sea                                  My Friend Ibrahim Çavu, washed overboard, now rests with God                      This is not Aspat, oh my Halil, it’s the Bitez shore;                                                          My heart is afire, deep are the wounds of the bullets…”

but the statue tells the local tale of two lovers who tried to escape from feuding families and corrupt officials in Turkey to the Greek island of Kos but were betrayed in an ambush and were shot and died together.

It’s not quite ‘Romeo and Juliet’ but it’s just as sad.

Read the full story…

7 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: On The Way…

  1. Oh yes the enthusiastic shopper post! The true Andrew shows himself. 🙂

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  2. Good image for WPC.


  3. Immortalized, yet not allowed to escape feuding families and live their own lives. Beyond sad. 😮

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  4. melissajane14

    You had me at the Bill Bryson quote…Yes, men shop very differently than women do, but I intentionally take a smaller bag so that shopping for “sparkly things” is totally off-limits to me. Although, I am in Colombia, and there are supposed to be some nice emeralds here. Hmmmmmmm 🙂


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