Car Hire Misadventures – Gran Canaria, 1988

Gran Canaria Car Hire

In the 1980s I used to like to go away for a few days with my brother.  In 1988 we had a short holiday in Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands.  Naturally we hired a car.

It was the cheapest that we could find and was a clapped out old white Renault.  We did a bit of driving but I remember most going to visit the sand dunes at Maspalomas.  After we had parked the car and walked across the sand to the sea it was time for a beer so we found a beach side bar and wandered in.  We sat at the bar and ordered our drinks.

The Spanish barman gave us a nervous look and asked “Eenglish?”, we replied in the affirmative and he pointed to a sign behind the bar which said “German’s only” – we were outraged, what a bloody cheek, we were in Spain for goodness sake.  Anyway, he put his finger to his lips as though to say don’t speak and he served our beers.  We drank them in silence, rather quickly I seem to remember, and then left and took the drive back to the hotel.


11 responses to “Car Hire Misadventures – Gran Canaria, 1988

  1. Ha ha! What a funny story!

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  2. This reminds me of being called to over the heads of a party of eight German tourists queuing up in front of us at an ice cream van, because the vendor had heard me speaking English. He asked me what we wanted and then served us first. We were in Malta, in 1990.


  3. It’s almost frightening to hear of the item tail discrimination. In a bar no less. Yikes.


  4. And I thought this was going to be a story about problems with a car!

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  5. And I too was waiting for the car to sink into the sand….😉


  6. Never heard of being discriminated against for being British, but good on him to serve you both.

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  7. Really? o_O I like the bartender. Money is money, isn’t it?
    Still, I don’t like discrimination.

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  8. I think it was exactly that Andrew; from what we heard elsewhere, there was a generation, then ‘in charge’, now passed on or retired who felt, shall we say, differently, to the ‘one love’ generation to follow. Still, times change and hopefully for the better.


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