Postcards From Northern Ireland

Titanic Experience Belfast

He, I know not why, shewed upon all occasions an aversion to go to Ireland, where I proposed to him that we should make a tour. JOHNSON. “It is the last place where I should wish to travel.” BOSWELL. “Should you not like to see Dublin, Sir?” JOHNSON. “No, Sir; Dublin is only a worse capital.” BOSWELL. “Is not the Giant’s-Causeway worth seeing?” JOHNSON. “Worth seeing, yes; but not worth going to see.” – Boswell: Life of Johnson

Not so long ago most people would no more of thought about visiting Northern Ireland than North Korea, it wouldn’t have crossed their minds to go to Ulster more than go to Uganda and Belfast would be in a travellers wish list that included Beirut and Baghdad.  Now things are changing and some upcoming posts I will take you on a short journey through the Province.

Giants Causeway Northern IrelandDunluce Castle Northern irelandNorthern Ireland Map Postcard



14 responses to “Postcards From Northern Ireland

  1. Shall look forward to the journey!

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  2. Richard Adams

    Great trip. Can’t wait to see the results.

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  3. I loved Belfast – hope you do too.


  4. How cool is the Giant’s Causeway?


  5. “Worth seeing, yes; but not worth going to see.” What a great quote. The way I feel about any place that involves a plane trip.


  6. Looking forward to the journey. My grandfather came to USA from near Bushmills in 1920, and in September, I am going to visit his birthplace. Thank you for the perfect timing!


  7. I look forward to the journey! I wish to go myself so I’ll be taking notes 🙂

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  8. Love the quote – fantastic and still sniggering!! Looking forward to this trip very much.

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  9. As a loud and proud lover of Ireland I bed you please visit Northern Ireland and of course the Republic. I will be visiting next month and will surely report back. But, Northern Ireland is glorious and should not be missed. 😉


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