Northern Ireland, Game Of Thrones


I confess to never having watched ‘Game of Thrones’  but I feel as though I know it because everywhere you go these days claims to have a filming location from the programme!

The Dark Hedges Northern IrelandGiant's Causeway Northern IrelandDunluce Castle Northern ireland

12 responses to “Northern Ireland, Game Of Thrones

  1. I’m not a watcher either, Andrew, but yes…found GoT locations in Morocco too this year.


  2. I, too, have never seen Game of Thrones…but now I know the countries to avoid ! 😳


  3. Fabulous photos. Big wow!


  4. I haven’t seen it either Andrew. Really spectacular images you have in this post.


  5. melissajane14

    It’s best if you don’t get involved watching Game of Thrones…It’s so addictive. You’re better off to remember these places as a part of your travels, rather than a piece of scenery for an HBO series (even if it is a good one).

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  6. Love it. I do watch the show but haven’t watched it so closely to recognize any of the locations you and I have now both been to. I will have to keep an eagle eye out next season.

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