Game Of Thrones – Film Locations


I have never been a fan of ‘Game Of Thrones’, I didn’t get past episode 1, series 1 but more and more I get the feeling that I know a great deal about it because there are so many places that I have been that have by coincidence been used as filming locations for the programme.

I took all of these photographs completely oblivious to this fact and without a glimmer of interest in the series.  The picture above is the Alcazar de Sevilla  which for GOT became the Water Palaces of Dorne.

There are a lot of Roman bridges in Spain, they could have used those in Merida or Salamanca but they chose this one in Córdoba in Andalusia…

Roman Bridge at Cordoba

This is Þingvellir National Park one of several locations used for filming in the photogenic country of Iceland…

Iceland Landscape

A lot of the filming for the early series was done on location on the tiny Mediterranean country of Malta, this is the Azure Window on the island of Gozo,  it also appeared in films such as Clash of the Titans and The Count of Monte Cristo, as well as the television mini-series The Odyssey.

Azure Window Gozo Malta

Also on Malta they used the medieval walled city of Mdina

Mdina Malta

After exhausting the filming location opportunities on Malta the filming moved a few miles east to the Balkan country of Croatia.  This is the Krka National Park  or for GOT The Landscapes of The West

Dubrovnik featured prominently as The Red Keep and the site of the Battle of Blackwater…

And the Roman Palace of the Roman Emperor Diocletian was a certainty to be used…

Next time I go travelling I will pay more attention to more possible GOT film location sitings.

Has anyone else come across these or other GOT locations?  Send me your pictures and I will see if I can make a post!

The Dark Hedges Northern Ireland


20 responses to “Game Of Thrones – Film Locations

  1. For a fan of GOT ,it’s such a treat ! Thank you for sharing this. I am gonna reblog it 🙂


  2. Reblogged this on Coffee Table and commented:
    How will you feel when you happen to see the real locations from the series GAME OF THRONES . Reblogging it from


  3. Filming was also done in fortress town of Klis, above and near Split – since we’re in Croatia quite a bit here on this set. Mind you I have not been watching this one either, it hasn’t drawn me in “yet” 🙂


  4. You should watch the show. It would be interesting to see the places you have been transformed into the show setting.

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  5. What a good idea, Andrew. I also visited all these places.
    In any case, you can use any my photographs to illustrate your future blog post. 🙂


  6. Wow, that last one of those trees! Breathtaking.


  7. Twilight Jewels

    Awesome photography! I love the the pathway under the trees. It’s soothing. As for GOT, the books are 20x better. Of course.

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  8. I suppose I will need to look at the list. I photographed a whole lot while in Ireland for sure!

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  12. You should get one of those jobs where they pay you to travel the world looking for film locations.


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