Weekly Photo Challenge: Close Up

Sunflower Head

Sunflowers – Van Gogh rather liked them!

I don’t know what it is about sunflowers but they do seem to excite visitors from Northern Europe, it is probably the spectacle of thousands of happy waving heads in contrast to the solitary one or two that we grow in our own gardens usually with disappointing weedy results.  This is because as their name suggests they need the sun and that is something that is not too plentiful or reliable in England.

I defy anyone (even Van Gogh) or anything but nature to produce such a wonderful work of art!

13 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Close Up

  1. I agree, Andrew. I’m amazed how they follow the sun around the sky. Quite eerie, but beautiful.

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  2. Andrew I love sunflowers and I love this photo. When we cycled Tuscany last year we missed the sunflower season. I tried not to pout too much. No fields of sunflowers here I am afraid.


  3. Yes, they are wonderful, beautiful flowers.


  4. I love sunflowers too and your photos are lovely!


  5. A great post to see as I return to Kansas (The Sunflower State)!


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