Weekly Photo Challenge: Creepy

Budapest Hungary Market

Does anyone know what they are?  I don’t…  

26 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Creepy

  1. The ribbon hints at Italy! Some kind of home made preserves?


  2. The red ones look like stuffed red chili peppers, the white ones look like some members of my family! 🙂

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  3. Of course I know, Andrew. Although done with a fancy smiley face they are stuffed capsicums/peppers (special small ones) with shredded cabbage and made with vinegar + to be sour. A wonderful winter side dish (salad). In Croatia the sour capsicums stuffed with cabbage are not traditionally made with such a smile (probably slice of red capsicum plus two black olives) but it doesn’t hurt. Those in your photos probably originate for one of the Easter European countries or at least the idea of them.


  4. They look very happy anyway!


  5. Midwestern Plant Girl

    Pickled something, with clove eyes and pimento smile. Turnips and radish?

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  6. Garlic cloves in oil and vinegar?

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  7. They are actually kind of cute.


  8. Well I was going to say peeled crab apples until I read through the comments. Pickled heads of some sort. Definitely not for eating for this girl. Creepy indeed!


  9. Wouldn’t want them smiling up at me from the plate!


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