Postcards from Kephalonia

Sami KefaloniaKephalonia LassiKephalonia Greece

In the first half of 2000 work was getting onerous and less enjoyable and I was beginning to lose my enthusiasm for working for a company (Onyx UK) that was financed by public taxes but was providing an ever deteriorating level of service.  I had a new boss who I didn’t get on with and I needed a holiday so at the beginning of June I went to the Ionian island of Kefalonia with mum and dad and son Jonathan.  As it happened it turned out to be the last time that I went away with dad because he became too ill to travel soon after that.

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9 responses to “Postcards from Kephalonia

  1. Looks like a lovely place for sure!


  2. Soft spot for Kephalonia, Andrew! 🙂 Are you between travels? Where next?


  3. Such beautiful photos Andrew. I see that you are still in Scotland. How is the weather? We are getting a warning for frost tonight. Ugh could it really be that time of year already?


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