Weekly Photo Challenge: Monochromatic

Cleethorpes Lincolnshire

Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire, UK

Cleethorpes is not a glamorous place

You’ll never see a famous face

No swanky yachts or cruise ships here

No sipping champagne just swilling beer

But in the morning with the early tide

It’s a place to go and photograph with pride.

7 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Monochromatic

  1. That silver sea is really quite something. Great shot. Tell me you took it.


  2. Yes John, all my own work!


  3. Cleethorpes is where Grimsby Town play football, so theoretically, with a bit of luck in the draw for the FA Cup, Manchester United might be there next January. You’ve got a couple of rhymes for “Rooney” but “van Gaal”?


    • I am not sure Cleethorpes could cope with all of those MU supporters.
      I am a Leicester fan, this time last year I was in Turkey and I went to a bar to watch city play united. When I arrived things were going badly, Leicester 1, Manchester 3 and some rowdy United fans were celebrating already and punching the air in ecstasy and in anticipation of more goals. I sat down discreetly to watch the slaughter. Suddenly, Leicester 2, Manchester 3 – Leicester 3, Manchester 3 – Leicester 4, Manchester 3 and finally Leicester 5, Manchester 3 – The very satisfying final score.


  4. Nice shot, Andrew! Your poem? I’m impressed! Good old Cleethropes 🙂


  5. Ooops-sorry for mis-typing 😦


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