Wales, Rainy Days and Mondays


To be fair to Wales and to set the record straight, it isn’t the only place that we have visited where it has rained a lot…

Sigulda LatviaIceland Traditional HouseHaugesund Sailors NorwayFolegandros RainStreet Cleaners Alghero Sardinia


Ten points for each country that you can identify in the pictures!

1  S*******

2  L*****

3  I****

4  S****

5  I******

6  S****

7  M******

8  N*****

9  G*****

10 S*******



22 responses to “Wales, Rainy Days and Mondays

  1. Yes, on the west coast of Norway we get a lot of rain, but according to my Irish friends we get less than they do on the west coast of Ireland. I’m not so sure I believe them…


  2. Lovely photos. I daren’t even start guessing where the photos were taken!


  3. Midwestern Plant Girl

    Lovely photos! I tend to attract rain when I travel. I get a lot of souvenir umbrellas that way. .. 😉


  4. For rain, I nominate Cornwall. I know it’s not a country, but it used to be, before a lot of it just floated away.


  5. Beautiful photos, Andrew!!


  6. Haven’t a clue about the quiz, but Oregon (which has a reputation of raining all the time) has finally had some rain. Not nearly enough to break the drought, but every droplet helps I suppose.


  7. Just checking on the clues. Do the asterisks represent the number of letters?


  8. My brain hurts a bit after that. I should have asked if there were duplicate countries.
    1) Scotland
    2) Latvia
    3) Italy
    4) Spain
    5) Iceland
    6) Spain
    7) Morocco
    8) Norway
    9) Greece
    10 ) Slovenia
    Am i the bigger winner of the all expense paid trip to the UK? You wewre offering that as the prize right? 🙂


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  10. And if you hold your cursor over the photo long enough, you can see the tag “Ljubljana rain”. Heehee!


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