Weekly Photo Challenge: Grid

Vegetable Boxes Puglia Italy

Empty Vegetable Boxes, Alberobello, Puglia in Italy

11 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Grid

  1. Great eye Andrew to look at those boxes and realize what a cool image it would create.


  2. At first I thought it was a bookshelf. Nice shot.


  3. That’s very smart. I thought it was a bookcase belonging to somebody with an excessive interest in “Sicilia”.


  4. Love the dilapidated header shot, Andrew. 🙂
    Incidentally, I tried and failed to get on the Trabant tour. I should have booked it on my first visit into the city but it was relatively quiet and I didn’t think it would be a problem. Expect it’ll keep for another year.


  5. I thought it was a bookshelf too! How cool.

    By the way, you’ve been chosen as one of today’s nine blogs in That’s So Jacob’s Ninth Month Blog Challenge (http://www.thatssojacob.wordpress.com)! I challenge you to find nine blogs you find interesting and give them a comment to brighten their day…well, eight other blogs and mine 🙂 Copy this message in your comment and enjoy your new blog friends!


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