Wales, Then and Now

Aberdovey 1985

In my earlier posts I mentioned that I had visited Wales several times and this time I returned to an old favourite.

The picture above is Aberdovey in 1985 and this is Aberdovey today…

Aberdovey Wales

In 1968 I went on holiday to Aberdovey at Plas Pantiedal Holiday village near Aberdovey and one day we visited Lake Bala…

Lake Bala 1968

and almost fifty years later I have taken my grandchildren to the same place (well, almost)…

Lake Bala Wales

In 1985 it was my first holiday with my daughter, Sally …

Wales Holiday 1985

and here we are again…

castell y bere Wales

The beach at Aberdovey in 1976 playing boules with my brother, Richard…

Aberdovey beach 1976

and all of these years later my grandchildren playing on the same beach…

Aberdovey Beach 2015

With my daughter, Sally in 1986…

Wales 1986

And with my grandchildren, Molly, Patsy and William in 2015…

Bala Lake Railway 2015

Finally with the full crew…

Talylynn Railway


23 responses to “Wales, Then and Now

  1. Oh my, what lovely snapshots, Andrew – just so nice to see the generations 😀


  2. Such lovely photos! They really tell a great story!


  3. Three generation having fun in the same beautiful part of the world. Uplifting.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Can’t see too much rain there!


  5. Lots of happy days! 🙂
    When’s Sardinia?


  6. Some beautiful family photographs! Mind you, boules at Aberdvey does look a bit parky!


    • I remember that being a decent day weather wise. I think the photo has faded. It was probably Bonusprint or Trueprint. They were bad for that. I have scanned as may in as possible before they disappear to nothing!


  7. Love the then-and-now photos…a nice way to celebrate the travels.


  8. So much fun to be able to compare the places through the photos. Sally is taller now. 😉


  9. That’s it my heart has melted on the post. What a wonderful look to past and present. Thanks so much for sharing Andrew.


  10. I love this! Some day I hope to take my family to all of my favorite places in the world. You are a lucky man!


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