Weekly Photo Challenge: Careful


Winter Driving in the Black Forest

We slipped and skidded, the windscreen wipers froze into solid chunks of ice and stopped working and we debated the alternative of turning around but decided that this wouldn’t be helpful because the conditions were just as bad in the other direction.

So we carried on.

Back through Gundelfingen, Denzlingen and Waldkirch and then the climb to Elzach where the temperature dropped to minus six and the snow on the road just kept getting thicker and thicker.  There wasn’t a lot of traffic about which was a bit of a concern, just the occasional car coming towards us in the opposite direction and I was glad when we reached the top and started the slippery descent towards Haslach.

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Schauinslandbahn Germany Black Forest

4 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Careful

  1. *brrrrr* It 36 degrees cel where i am and i just got a chill seeing your photos


  2. Winter driving is challenging. In Finland, next month, it will snow in the Northernmost part.


  3. I had more than enough of driving in those conditions when living in Boston and Utah. Your description and image makes me ever so grateful for my current moderate climate. I don’t mind visiting, but living in it is an entirely different matter.

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