Weekly Photo Challenge: Treat

Haugesund COOP products Norway

Anyone for Renskaret Svinebog?

When travelling in a foreign country I always like to drop in and see what unusual items I can find on the shelves. Disappointingly on this occasion everything seemed to be rather familiar with a range of items that I might expect to find in any UK supermarket including rather oddly a freezer cabinet full of Iceland (the UK supermarket Iceland) frozen pizzas.

Eventually we came across the chilled section and here were the sort of items that I was hoping to find and which soon had me giggling like the two girls in the penis museum.  Here were some frighteningly unappetising sounding salad spreads with names that sounded as though they should be more appropriately being exhibited next door and if you have ever wondered why sometimes products change their name to be more universally acceptable then here is an example why…

Iceland Dodgy Groceries

Are you tempted by Laxasalat?

33 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Treat

  1. I reckon I’ll pass 😀

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  2. It’s amazing what different cultures find appetizing.


  3. Or Skinkusalat? Blech. I don’t even want to eat Bog.

    I had never tried the diversion of stopping into supermarkets for entertainment until I went to Japan. Those are truly amazing to my US eyes. I was amazed in the produce section, and usually aghast in the seafood section.


  4. Andrew I loved this in your original posts. Hilarious! Pass the bog please.

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  5. Japan has its fair share of bizarre treats but these take the cake (or the Bog?) I was glad to see in the small print that the Bog is “Smakfull of svinebog”! mmmm svinebog… 🙂 Just loved this post! Thanks for the laugh.


  6. Great post. I had never thought about supermarkets being such a good place to get an unusual shot, until now. Thanks.


  7. If a skink is a small lizard then is skinkusalat one that vegetarians should miss?


  8. I’ll say I’m tempted! That’s the new improved version of “Sennasalat”! Can’t wait to try it.


  9. Midwestern Plant Girl

    Laxasalat? I’ll pass, unless I’m constipated. .. 😉


  10. Pshitt soda in France…


  11. Looks like ‘Spam! Spam! Spam! Spam!’- or am I just in Monty Python mode 🙂


  12. So, I thought I would look up laxasalat. You never know. Here’s what I learned about it: Á lax í ísskápnum og langar að búa til úr honum laxasalat. I don’t have a clue what that means, but Yum. 🙂 –Curt


  13. You just never know about local delicacies. When I lived in Asia, I was a bit skeptical about fish head curry and frog porridge, but it turns out they’re really good.
    Laxasalat could be awesome!


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