Weekly Photo Challenge: Trio

Devil's Bridge

Devil’s Bridge – Ceredigion, Wales

The Devil’s Bridge is at a dramatic point in the landscape where the River Mynach tumbles ninety boiling metres in five steps down a steep and narrow ravine before it meets the River Rheidol and is unusual in that there are three separate bridges each one built over the previous one.  The most recent is an iron bridge (1901), which was built over a stone bridge (1753), which was built when the original bridge was declared to be unstable.

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Wales Rain Sheep


16 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Trio

  1. that’s a stunning photo, that top one!


  2. I loved your recounting of the Devil’s time in Wales.


  3. Is that a postcard of the sheep! So cute!


  4. An early morning ‘baa’ is all I have to say on the subject x

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  5. The Devil’s the least significant in THIS trio 😀


  6. Great response to the challenge, Andrew!


  7. Love the photo – I just love bridges. Great post


  8. How nice that they are all still there. A ‘tower’ of bridges. Great photo.


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