Weekly Photo Challenge: Trio


Birmingham – City of Statues

To try and tempt people the official guidebooks are keen to remind visitors that it has more canals than Venice, more trees than the Bois de Boulogne, it has the Royal Ballet and the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra. There are also two famous football clubs, a world-famous cricket ground, a Capability Brown-designed golf course in the heart of Edgbaston, and, of course, the Balti belt.

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10 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Trio

  1. “it has more canals than Venice” What? But, does it have gondolas? ­čÖé


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  3. I loved seeing this on the streets of Birmingham – great shot!


  4. I was in Birmingham about 15 years ago and I thought then that Birmingham ranks as a vital amazing people space; it was the ‘art’ (mostly statues) dotted around the public places that I remember! I had made a special visit to the Ikon Gallery and can hardly remember (I would have to wrack my brains or look up the diary) what the exhibition there was about!


  5. That is a cool statue. There are not many gold ones.


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