Weekly Photo Challenge: Trio

Life in the Slow Lane…

There was a welcoming bar in a little square with rattan cane tables and chairs under leafy trees with books and backgammon available for customers to sit and enjoy and idle some of the day away.  As we were getting accustomed to this pace of life we drank coffee and ordered baklava and stayed a while until it was time to go back.

Folegandros is a dreamy timeless sort of place in a sort of 1960s time warp and all around there were were lots of ageing beardy hippies with ponytails, wearing white linen and flip-flops and carrying sketch pads.  All that was missing was the joss sticks and the candles, the flowers and the guitars.

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8 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Trio

  1. There should be a law that says it can only rain at night when we’re on holiday!


  2. The scene of friends/family sitting and chatting on regular basis like in photo are rarer and rarer – sadly – almost coming to be pieces for a museum as digital age takes away keeping company…love the feel this trio brings us 🙂


  3. I’ve been noticing more aging hippies coming out of the woodwork as our state has legalized recreational marijuana. Let the good times roll! 😀

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  4. The photo of the three people takes me back in time Andrew. Not a cell phone is to be seen. –Curt


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