Weekly Photo Challenge: Transition

Blue is used everywhere in the Cyclades, church cupolas, windows, doors, walls, staircases and fences which provide blue ‘belts’ around buildings, which supposedly provide protection against evil. Turquoise stones on jewellery, belts and weapons are put there to safeguard people, animals and even plants.  Blue ‘eyes’ and blue stones mounted on gold and silver are presented to babies and small children as a talisman for protection and in the Greek Boy Scouts all the boys where a sky-blue scarf around their necks for this very same reason.

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9 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Transition

  1. A beautiful offering, Andrew
    Thank You

    i was lucky enough to spend a winter one year on Santorini
    and it’s still close to my heart



  2. My favorite color!


  3. And this whole time I thought that they used blue and white for aesthetic reasons. Thanks for the lesson in Greek culture, Andrew 🙂


  4. A blue scarf for protection: what a nice thought. I, too, thought the colour was selected for its beauty.


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