Sardinia – More Doors and Windows

Sardinia Door ChurchCastelsardo Sardinia DoorSardinia Worn DoorSardinia Window

More doors…

Doors of Catalonia 1

Doors of Catalonia 2

Doors of Catalonia 3

Doors of Catalonia 4

Doors of Dublin

Doors of Northern France

Doors of Portugal

Doors of Siguenza, Spain

7 responses to “Sardinia – More Doors and Windows

  1. Is that a hole in the third one Andrew? If so I can hear Jack Nicholson in The Shining saying “Honey I’m homeeee”


  2. Second image, the arches. That is so nice.


  3. Oh, those doors/windows have character. They must have seen quite a lot. Thanks for sharing. Cheers!


  4. The windows: I couldn’t help but think of all the people who have stared out of them down through the decades and probably centuries. –Curt


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