Weekly Photo Challenge: Eye-Spy

Durham Cathedral Door KnockerBudapest Hungary MarketBarcelona CatalunyaGermany Black Forest FasnachtIMG_0627

Anyone care to take a guess in which countries these pictures were taken?

31 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Eye-Spy

  1. I hope your others readers are more inspired than me. I can’t begin to guess!


  2. Sardinia? Or maybe the top one is Durham? One of a wonderful pair of knockers?


  3. I seem to remember the second from top was in either Romania or Bulgaria? Or Poland? I know what’s in the jars because Croats do those (without the smiley faces) – so there 😀

    I do like the eye on the last photo – was it Malta?


    • Malta is correct. The jars, and whatever is in them, is Hungary (Budapest). Do they decorate them at all in Croatia?


      • Ah, my goodness and Croatia & Hungary have such centuries in common 🙂 no Croats don’t decorate the stuffed peppers with cabbage just stack then neatly in the jars upright – but the ones with purple cabbage are so colourful – it’s a tasty winter “salad” in Croatia or side dish – it would be in Hungary of course as also most Eastern Europe

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  4. Haven’t read any other comments, but I say Malta….the boat gave it away


  5. I’m guessing Malta too. The colour of the boat with the ‘eye’ looks familiar 🙂


  6. I would have guessed Malta because you posted some earlier and my son loves Malta so I took a bit of extra notice.


  7. Oh drat I am quite terrible at this even with the tags. 5) Venice 2) Malta. Either of those correct?


  8. Interesting photos and comments. I hadn’t a clue.


  9. I’ll skip the guess, Andrew, but I really like the knocker. –Curt


  10. The Ivory Coast, Poland, North Korea, Brazil and Uzbekistan….how’d I do? 🙂


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