Weekly Photo Challenge: (Golden) Circle

Iceland Sunrise

Golden Circle – Iceland

Iceland LandscapeIceland Car Hire Volcano Damage InsuranceGeyser Iceland

On the subject of Iceland and Circles, a few days ago I posted a circle challenge:

The answer was the interior clock faces at the top of the tower of the Hallgrímskirkja Cathedral in Reykjavik, Iceland.

They are more impressive from the inside than from the outside…

Lief Ericson Reyjkavik Iceland

16 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: (Golden) Circle

  1. A great idea for a puzzle or quiz Andrew. I was definitely bamboozled.


  2. I got a lot closer than I thought. I thought it was the clocks on Mansfield Cathedral, but I stand corrected!


  3. I’ve been up that tower and still didn’t get it!!! Glad to be quit with the brain wracking now.


  4. Ah thanks for the answer on those clock faces, Andrew – I shall I believe not forget that now as I’ve actually held you to your “I’ll post the answer on Friday” 😀

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  5. I really like the richness of the second photo down, Andrew. –Curt


  6. I was able to find the answer, but only because you offered clues.
    Your photos are lovely – I really need to visit Iceland!


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