Weekly Photo Challenge: Weight(less)

Lake Bled Church Steps

Lake Bled, Slovenia

The island, according to legend, was created as a punishment by God.  He stopped by one day on a surprise inspection and was annoyed to find his church full of cattle because the villages had become too lazy to watch over them and had left the church door open.  To punish them he made the lake so that in future the animals couldn’t get across to it and get inside.  A nice story but without a shred of truth of course because in actual fact the lake is glacial and was formed at the end of the last ice age when water poured in behind the retreating ice.

The church is popular for weddings and there are ninety-nine steps to the top and there is a tradition that if a bridegroom can carry his bride to the church without either stopping for breath or complaining then the couple will enjoy a happy marriage.  If you are tempted to try this super-human feat my then my advice would be that you get engaged to a skinny girlfriend because just getting to the top sounds like seriously hard work to me without any unnecessary additional burden.  Or perhaps this is simply designed to get you ready for the harsh realities of married life.

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Lake Bled Slovenia


20 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Weight(less)

  1. That’s one nice little story about this stunning place 🙂

    Thank you so much for sharing, Andy 🙂


  2. Seeing this, I’m glad she just walked up the eight steps at Nottingham Registry Office.


  3. I loved Lake Bled, although when we were there, the weather wasn’t so kind. Gorgeous place, beautifully caught 🙂


  4. We were here a few years ago. A beautiful place, indeed. Thanks for the memory . 😊


  5. Oh you are funny my friend! When we were there I suggested to Dave I could carry him like a piggy back ride. In practice I believe I made it one step. 🙂


  6. Any remarkable place can be improved with a story, I think. This church on an island is stunning.


    • According to legend the island was created as a punishment by God, who stopped by one day and was irritated to find his church full of cattle because the villages were suffering from the deadly sin of sloth and had become too lazy to watch over them and had left the church door open. So he made the lake to completely surround it so that in future they couldn’t get across to it.

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  7. A great story! But who’s to say that the Almighty didn’t have a celestial hand in engineering the last ice age….I think I’ve been in the Midwest too long.
    Thanks for sharing Andrew 🙂


  8. Awesome history of the lake Bled, Slovenia. The story of its origin and the belief for a newlywed sounds very interesting. Thanks for sharing this amazing post with your readers. It was a nice read!


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