Weekly Photo Challenge: Optimistic, Hoping For Better Weather!

Wales in the Rain

It rained in Welshpool, it rained in Newtown, it rained in Llangurig and it rained in Aberystwyth as we reached the coast and the road swung south towards our destination.  To our right the sea was grey and uninviting, lashed with spiteful squalls of stinging rain as wave after wave of dark clouds swept in from the Irish Sea and it was about now that I was forced to concede that we probably wouldn’t be having a barbeque this evening.

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Rain In Wales 1Heavy Rain in Wales

18 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Optimistic, Hoping For Better Weather!

  1. Oh I do like the painting with sheep, frogs and the big umbrella – set the mood well


  2. Oh, it always rains in Wales!!


  3. I love the painting of the sheep with the umbrella and the photo below it is wonderful!


  4. A dry Sunday, Andrew? I’m tempted to pinch the sheep’s big umbrella 🙂


  5. Great shots of the rain – you set the mood well. And I, too, love the rainy sheep coaster.


  6. Sometimes travel requires more promise than one even thought was possible. 🙂


  7. I feel your pain. Let’s hope there’s a dry summer in 2016 for this part of the world.


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