Postcards From Tynemouth

Tyneside AbbeyWhitley Bay LighthouseWhitley Bay NewcastleCullercoats Tyneside


22 responses to “Postcards From Tynemouth

  1. I’ve been there before when I was studying abroad. Beautiful!


  2. I am fascinated with the ruins of cathedrals.


  3. something fascinating about the ruins and what used to be…


  4. I was surprised that the main street of Tynemouth was elegantly Georgian. Well worth a day trip, and a great walk out to the lighthouse!


  5. Hmm, I’m getting a hankering for a visit to the North East, and these images have just strengthened that!!


  6. I hadn’t paid much attention to postcards until lately. Love these. Wonderful views.
    I’ve search for postcards in the past week for our city and came up against a wall of nothing. Sheesh. o_O


  7. What’s Henry VIII got to do with ruined cathedrals. Did he burn them down every time he wanted to annul another marriage?


  8. A Lovely set of postcards. You must have got a good few !


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