Postcards From Scotland

William WallaceScott Monument EdinburghAbbotsford House Galashiels ScotlandMary Queen of Scots House JedburghEdinburgh Military Tattoo


20 responses to “Postcards From Scotland

  1. Ah, the military tattoo. Now, that brings back some memories 😊

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  2. The monument always looks to me as if it is going to shoot off to the moon!


  3. Thanks for uploading these, im from from Edinburgh. The Thunderbird monument you speak of is actually called Scott Monument. Ive been up it once and its a very narrow winding stairway to the top. Thanks for uploading these!

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  4. Amazing postcards, Andrew.Thanks for sharing. 😀

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  5. The Edinburgh Tattoo is coming to Melbourne in two weeks. I would love to see it but the tickets are a bit outside my budget. They are building a fullsize replica of the castle.


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