Weekly Photo Challenge: Time – Trouble With a Cuckoo Clock

Black Forest Cuckoo Clock

On a visit to the Black Forest in Germany we stayed at a nice hotel in the town of Offenberg.  One evening when going to the restaurant we were disturbed to find a bus tour from the Netherlands had pitched up and they were all in the dining room right now.

Because they were so busy the service was slow which meant that we drank more wine than is advisable and to pass the time I started to poke around the bric-a-brac and the ornaments and then foolishly started to fiddle with an impressive large cuckoo clock hanging on the wall behind the table.

Immediately I wished I hadn’t touched those cone things that drive the mechanism because it unexpectedly whirred into life and out popped the cuckoo, which had been dormant for a thousand years which unfortunately turned out to be a rather loud cuckoo.

And then as the chain headed non stop towards the floor it popped out several more times, each time announcing itself with its little song that just seemed to get louder and louder each time – the doors were banging, the chains were rattling, the bird was going berserk and I wondered if I might eventually have to throttle it to shut it up.

This impromptu and unscheduled entertainment seemed to amuse the people on the bus tour who were giggling and laughing and I just wanted the thing to get back in its box .  There was no such luck (some people thought it was a fire alarm and made for the exit) and the clock went through twenty-four movements in under two minutes and believe me that is an awful lot of cuckoos.

Then just as I was giving up all hope the thing  thankfully finally exhausted itself and it stopped and with me red faced with embarrassment we slipped out of the restaurant and went back to our room before I could get up to any more mischief.


20 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Time – Trouble With a Cuckoo Clock

  1. Don’t you remember your mother telling you not to touch anything in a strange place? 😀 😀
    These things happen. At least no-one sent for the tourist police to throw you out or anything. 😉


  2. I’m with Tess! So funny and glad to hear you were not arrested for murdering the cuckoo.


  3. I am over tolerating well the sounds of cuckoo clocks and old clocks even if I have a couple of good ones in my collection – I wonder for how much longer the passengers on your bus would have smiled had the cuckoo cuckooed on 😀


  4. Hilarious! I admonished my teen-age son not to buy a cuckoo clock when he went to Germany, so, of course, he did. I spent the next several years waking up to the cuckoo in the middle of the night, at which time I would confiscate and hide it, until he (again) promised to turn off the cuckoo function at night.


  5. Just the sort of thing my husband was inclined to do, couldn’t resist fiddling with things that didn’t belong to us if he had time on his hands. I loved your story.


  6. Funny story, Andrew. One of life’s embarrassing moments, no doubt. When I was in the third grade, my teacher (who was also my God Mother) went off to Germany and returned with a cuckoo clock, which she gave to me. I don’t think my parents appreciated her thoughtfulness. –Curt


  7. Would have loved to have watched the show! 😉


  8. Oh gosh, Andrew! This one had me laughing fully outloud in my kitchen this morning! A fun story to start my day with. Thank you for the mental image of a red-faced tinkerer frantically inspecting a clock for some inspiration for how to stop it, while all the while a cacophony of 24 cuckoo movements in two minutes sends people for the exits thinking it’s a fire alarm! That is the funniest story. Some kids just don’t grow up, do they?


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