Morocco, Essaouira – Blue Boats

Essaouira Fishing BoatsEssaouira Blue BoatsBlue Boats Essaouira

19 responses to “Morocco, Essaouira – Blue Boats

  1. I like blue.
    I used to like it a lot more.
    The blue in these pictures is starting to KILL me. 😦


  2. It’d d’ same blue as d’ sky. an’ it’s very nice.

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  3. I wonder how you get your boat out if it’s right in the middle?


    • I think they all go out together – safety in numbers.The sea was rather rough in January and most of these boats looked as though they were going nowhere soon! I saw a couple go out and return and it must have been worth the effort because the size of the catch was huge!


  4. Lovely! I really enjoy your Morocco pictures.


  5. That’s a lot of blue boats! Is it the mandatory color?


  6. Blue is the colour! Amazing results yesterday……


  7. Those boats match the brilliant blue skies….beautiful.


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