Morocco, Essaouira – Street Colours

Essaouira ArtEssaouria Souk Fabric

21 responses to “Morocco, Essaouira – Street Colours

  1. Fantastic images, Andrew 😀

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  2. My most vivid image from Essaouira is the seagulls stealing the fish from the fishermen ☺ excellent photos!


  3. I love the first photo here, Andrew. It looks like it belongs to the past, yet there’s modern clothing on the people. I find it captivating like they have time travelled – if you know what I mean? Magic!


  4. The usual brilliant photographs from you – and what colours. Love them.


  5. Love the bright colors, but in bright sunlight they must be even brighter. Wonderful photos. What are those three cone looking swirls in the first photo? Is that a postcard?


  6. Wonderfully vivid colors (without the ‘u’)! 😀


  7. Brilliant pics Andrew!


  8. The first one is clever but slightly bizarre, don’t you think? Fabulous colours in both posts though. 🙂 More travel lined up, Andrew?


    • It is odd. It depicts Muslim women in traditional dress but generally speaking traditional Muslim women dress is not that stylish!
      Just a frantic couple of weeks of planning Jo. Spain next and at last a visit to Granada then Ireland (Cork), the Greek Islands and then Malta. A busy year. What about you?


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