Building A Cathedral

Sagrada Familia Cathedral Barcelona

Sagrada Familia in Barcelona…

It was quite pricey to get in but then I had to take into consideration that this is the principal source of fund raising because the long drawn out construction is not supported financially by any of the National State of Spain, the Autonomous Community of Catalonia, the Province or City of Barcelona or the Catholic Church (it already has one, why does it need another?)

Work on the Cathedral began in 1882 and  is currently due for completion in 2026 and although I say long drawn out and nearly one hundred and fifty years may seem a very long time, to put this into some sort of perspective, you can’t really expect to build a cathedral in just a couple of years.

Building a Cathedral takes a long time…

In England York Mister took two hundred and forty-two years, but by comparison St Paul’s in London was rushed up in only thirty-one, Notre Dame in Paris took one hundred and eighty-five years, Seville in Spain one hundred and eighteen years and St Peter’s in Rome one hundred and twenty years.

Even the Basilica of the National Shrine of Immaculate Conception in Washington, USA took forty-two years and although this might seem like snail’s pace construction all of these were positively rapid compared to Milan at five hundred and seventy-nine years and Cologne in Germany at six hundred and thirty-two years.

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Durham Cathedral Door Knocker

10 responses to “Building A Cathedral

  1. I hadn’t thought about the on-going cost. Good of you to bring it to our notice. It’s been years since I’ve visited Barcelona, I must get there again soon, but so much has changed since my last visit about 15 years ago that I don’t suppose I’ll recognise much.


  2. I believe I have this cathedral on a calendar somewhere (from Spain). Must look for it. It’s amazing architecture. What a work of art! I cannot imagine what it feels like to say have a family of generations working on it. 😉


  3. Do You think they will finish on time?


  4. I first visited the Sagrada Familia in 1991. It was dark and unfinished and the feeling was that it never would be finished. In fact, at that stage, they had no idea how to even continue. I finally made it back there in 2013 with my husband and boys and I literally wept when I went inside. It was so beautiful. Well worth the money and the wait in the queue.


  5. Ha! Knowing that you’d been in Durham recently, I thought this might be about the Lego building of Durham Cathedral 🙂 🙂


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