What A Difference Thirty Years Can Make (1)

14 Amalfi Coast  Vallone di Furore 2004

… the village of Vallone di Furore, a narrow fjord where steep rock walls sheltered an enclave of fishermen’s houses and a tiny harbour with a beach littered with small hard working fishing boats all resting for the day.  I had seen this place before and thirty years later it was completely transformed.  In 1976 it was a shambles with dilapidated buildings but now it was renovated and restored but had kept its charm intact.

Have you ever returned somewhere years later and found it greatly changed?

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7 responses to “What A Difference Thirty Years Can Make (1)

  1. Time someone did such a renovation job on me. It’s been well over thirty years and is much needed. I promise to keep my charm intact.


  2. Just been over to see the full story…what a sight in 1976!


  3. I often mutter about how the national parks I visited in the 70s are now built up with tourist traps and overrun with too many people. Perhaps Canyon de Chelly will stay reasonable since you can’t get into the canyon floor without a Navajo guide.

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