Travels in Spain – Memories of Andalucía

Seville FlamencoAndalucia BullFlamencoAndalucia Bottle ShadowAndalucia Bar RestaurantBullfight Poster SpainRonda Matador

20 responses to “Travels in Spain – Memories of Andalucía

  1. Sig Nordal, Jr.

    Reblogged this on Sig Nordal, Jr. and commented:
    Wonderful Andrew, this piece brings back many wonderful memories from this marvelous area of Spain, Thank you


  2. Now the question, were you more likely to take up bull fighting or flamenco dancing?


  3. In a true world of dreams, every man should have at least one love affair with a flamenco dancer.


  4. Loved the last image. Can you tell us where this is? I’ve enjoyed all your articles on Andalucia, they brought back many happy memories and have spurred me on to return there soon, even though the lure of other countries gets in the way. Keep ’em coming.


  5. Magnificent postcards. Wish I were there. 😀


  6. The flamenco dancer is an easy favorite for me!


  7. Loved your response to Sue, Andrew. You are a master at deflection, and I am with you on that. But possibly Sue posed the question in the wrong way…?


  8. That captures the essence of the wonderful region perfectly….


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