Travels in Spain – Cathedrals

“And so to the great Cathedrals of Spain, Romanesque, Traditional, Gothic or Renaissance, which are the flower of the Spanish constructions and which for the world outside generally epitomises the Spanish presence,  As the Skyscrapers are to New York, the Cathedrals are to Spain”  – Jan Morris, ‘Spain’

Granada Cathedral

Granada, Andalucia


Segovia, Castilla y Leon

Palencia Cathedral

Palencia, Castilla y Leon

Burgos Cathedral

Burgos, Castilla y Leon

Siguenza Central Spain

Siguenza, Castilla-la Mancha

Cordoba Andalusia Spain

Cordoba, Andalucia 

Girona Catalonia Spain Cathedral

Girona, Catalonia

Santiago Cathedral

Santiago de Compostela, Galicia

Andalusia 196 Seville Cathedral

Seville, Andalucia

Leon cathedral Spain

León, Castilla y Leon

Asturias Cathedral

Oviedo, Asturias

Malaga Cathedral

Malaga, Andalucia

Madrid Cathedral Exterior


28 responses to “Travels in Spain – Cathedrals

  1. They’re all so beautiful!


  2. Andrew I couldn’t help but imagine the position you were in taking these. I have been known to lie on the ground for a good image. I appreciate your efforts in getting these beauties.

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  3. Yesterday we watched the recent French documentary ‘Compostelle’, about walking the Camino. Narration was a bit heavy on ‘walking to make sense of life’ for our taste, but lovely scenery – and churches, showing Estella, Logrono, Leon and Santiago as I remember them.


  4. Was the message in these being built the glory of faith I wonder.


  5. Oooh…..the interior of Córdoba looks amazing, and I like that door at Malaga


  6. Stunning. I’ve tried several times to take pictures of Cathedrals and my, do I need to go a long distance to capture the magnificence of the buildings! Lovely pictures. I still haven’t had a chance to visit Spain so I’m following your Spanish travels over this period 🙂


  7. Another thing that Spain cannot be topped for…..


  8. I’m bowled over by all the fascinating architecture. Wow. 🙂


  9. Looking forward to sampling Toledo cathedral in July – I hear it’s a beast!


  10. Some very beautiful buildings, there.


  11. Excellent photographs. Girona is our local cathedral and you have caught it’s splendor.


  12. Such beautiful Cathedrals!


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