Travels in Spain – Statues

Francesco Pizzaro Trujillo Extremadura SpainBurgos Weary PilgrimDon Quixote Alcala de HenaresEl Cid Burgos SpainAntequera King FedinandPhilip IV and the Palacio Real

11 responses to “Travels in Spain – Statues

  1. I think when you see a statue of a horse with 2 feet off the ground, it signifies the rider died in battle. Who is that rider, please?


  2. I tried to investigate the symbolism of the horses feet and the authorities were inconclusive. And so many people these days are so bloody ignorant I’m sure some modern monument maker wouldn’t care. But these ones in Spain are magnificent.


  3. Fantastic statues / sculptures. 😎


  4. Hair seems very popular on the flying horse statue. Between the beard and the horse mane it’s a lot to get tangled in combat!


  5. I always believe the symbolism of the horses feet.
    The mid statue looks cool with its attire esp. the cape.

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